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Before I became a lawyer, I was a paralegal. I served a good 5 years as a paralegal even when I already had my law degree and I already passed the BAR exam. You see, I needed to get into the firm that I wanted to work for but there was no opening for associates, so I became a paralegal. This is where most of my career started. As a paralegal, you’re expected to do a lot of reading and researching – two skills being ignored completely by lawyers. If you can’t hone your researching skills, you’ll never succeed in law.

For law students, the most important aspect of research is to know exactly what you’re looking for. You also need to learn about skimming, or rather, the ability to browse through a series of texts to find what you’re looking for without having to understand the words. It’s like reading, but you’re not taking the context to heart. You’re like a manual search engine or searching machine.

Skimming can be a great help because it helps you to browse through a lot of texts in a short period of time. You only need to find keywords or phrases that will help you in your research.

How Protected Are You? – Your Guide to Injury Compensation

Video from: Have Too Much Debt?

The workplace is not exactly 100% safe, even though you spend most of your time immobile on a desk inside a cubicle. Safety goes down several levels lower when you’re found working in construction sites and factories with industrial and heavy equipment. So the main question here is “how safe are you”? Legally, the company is obliged to help pay for your injuries if you get injured by accident. For example, you slip and fall down the stairs because the janitor failed to put up a WET FLOOR SIGN. The company is liable to help pay for medical treatment.

It’s another story when your injury is caused by horseplay. For example, you fell down the stairs because you slid on the railings like a child. The company is not obligated to pay for your injuries, but since they’re afraid that you’re going to sue them, they will pay. However, if there’s proof that your accident was caused by horseplay, you’ll be lucky if you even have a job.

But in most cases, you are protected financially by your workplace because you are under their care and shelter. You can ask your compensation or personal injury lawyers about this. If you don’t have one, get in touch with us.

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